Family supports

Families are the heart of our city. And when families are strong, our whole community is strong.

Family supports

Families are the heart of our city. And when families are strong, our whole community is strong.

Poverty. Mental illness. Violence. Addiction. Right now, families are facing overwhelming challenges.

Hunger impacts at least 14.4% of Manitobans. That means too many kids are going to school with empty tummies, making it harder to focus in class. Only 66% of Winnipeg children entering kindergarten are ready to learn.

No child should miss out on the chance to succeed. No parent should have to choose between groceries and rent. You can help Winnipeggers get started on the path to better lives by providing neighbourhood resources close to home.

The reality in Winnipeg

1 in 8

Winnipeggers struggle to meet their basic needs (that’s nearly 92,000 people)

1 in 5

Winnipeg kids under age 5 live in poverty (twice the national average)

1 in 10

women are concerned about the possibility of violence in the home


kids in Manitoba are in care (the highest rate across the country)

How we’re transforming lives

Raising a family isn’t easy. But it’s even more difficult when you’re a parent struggling with depression. Or you’re on social assistance. Or you’re new to the country.

Across the city, our network of 24 family resource centres help Winnipeggers meet their basic needs and build better lives.

Family resource centres are our community’s living room. They’re a safe place where you’re welcomed with a smile and a cup of coffee as you find the help you need—from doing laundry to getting food or diapers; from learning new parenting skills to searching for a job.


Your gift supports:

  • 24 family resource centres
  • access to basic needs like diapers, personal hygiene supplies, and clothing
  • parenting classes and respite
  • housing support programs
  • youth mentoring programs
  • out-of-school programming
  • literacy programs
  • food programs
  • newcomer settlement services

Basic needs for all

One hungry family is too many.

Meeting basic needs is about more than health and safety—it’s about dignity, too. Your generosity means help like emergency food, hygiene items, disability supports, vocational training, and transportation are always within reach, especially in times of crisis.

Helping kids thrive

Every child deserves the chance to reach their full potential.

Putting kids on the path for success means preparing them for school and life, caring for their mental health and well-being, and connecting them with mentors and a safe place to go.

Building life skills

Every parent wants the skills and confidence they need to help their families thrive.

From promoting family nutrition and healthy pregnancies to enhancing communication and parenting skills, our donors are helping families achieve brighter futures.

Healthy minds & hearts

Nobody should have to struggle alone.

Our donors support counselling and wellness programs across the city so families struggling with mental illness, addiction, trauma, and conflict can begin to heal.

Cultural supports

Winnipeg has the largest Indigenous population out of any major Canadian city.

From offering traditional medicines to culturally relevant parenting programs, family resources centres seek to support the full range of spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional strengths of Indigenous families.

Welcoming newcomers & refugees

Starting over in a new country can be daunting.

That’s why our network of agencies offer support in dozens of languages to help newcomers navigate life in Canada, find work, and build community so they can thrive.

For Every Family

Strengthening families today impacts generations to come.

Through a special partnership with the Province of Manitoba and visionary Winnipeg philanthropists, we’ve invested $15 million in family resource centres over six years to make sure more families stay together, more kids start school ready to learn, and more families live without poverty.

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