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Having a home is the first step to healing. With your help, every Winnipegger can move into a permanent place with privacy, dignity, and a stable foundation to begin transforming their lives.


Having a home is the first step to healing. With your help, every Winnipegger can move into a permanent place with privacy, dignity, and a stable foundation to begin to transform their lives.

Unsheltered Winnipeggers are living in temporary camps and bus shelters right now. Others are finding spots to sleep indoors, but don’t have anywhere to call home.

Survival is a struggle every single day when you don’t have somewhere to live. Meeting the most basic of needs takes all day, and there’s no time or energy left for anything else.

People experiencing homelessness are at much greater risk of deteriorating mental health and physical harm, because the ground under their feet is always shifting. We can’t continue to let this happen to anyone in our city.

By working together, we can make sure everyone has a permanent place to live—a critical starting point to stabilize other life situations. Having a home gives people an address to apply for work, a place to recover from illness, and somewhere to reunite with their children.

Creating a circle of support around unsheltered Winnipeggers starts at home. With your gift, you can make sure everyone has the chance to rebuild their lives.

The reality in Winnipeg


people experiencing homelessness in our city (though it's likely even more).


of people experiencing homelessness are Indigenous, despite being only 12% of Winnipeg’s population.


identify as only age 24 and younger.


people are staying in emergency shelters.


homelessness is also a challenge—Winnipeggers staying at friends’ and relatives’ houses, but with no home of their own.

In 2015, 66%

of Winnipeg’s homeless were 'invisible'—not staying in shelter or sleeping outside, but still without a home.


currently needs 300 new units of low-income housing per year for the next 10 years to keep up with the demand.

With skyrocketing

food and transportation costs, more people are at risk of becoming homeless than ever before.

How we’re transforming lives

Having a home means less stress, more stability, and hope for a promising future.

Your gift helps Winnipeggers experiencing homelessness find hot meals, basic needs like toiletries and clothing, temporary shelter, and paths to professionals for medicines, counselling, and more.

Your generosity also helps End Homelessness Winnipeg collaborate with our city’s most passionate and effective government, non-profit, and private stakeholders to focus on long term solutions, like preventing homelessness, finding enough housing supply, and creating a sustainable system of wraparound care centred around each individual in need.

Your gift supports:

  • End Homelessness Winnipeg to serve as a backbone organization to guide and organize efforts.
  • Agencies who care for unsheltered, at-risk youth.
  • Outreach programs to feed our homeless neighbours.
  • Three outreach teams working 24/7 to connect with unsheltered Winnipeggers.
  • Wellness checks for those most at risk.

Feeding the hungry

When life is a daily struggle for survival, even one less thing to worry about goes a long way.

Because of your gift, unsheltered Winnipeggers are receiving healthy, hot meals at their encampments and temporary shelters. Sharing a meal is a gift of dignity that creates friendship and builds trust, so people have somewhere to turn for help when they’re ready.

Advocating for change

Winnipeg urgently needs low-barrier, supportive, low-income, Indigenous-led homes for singles, and for larger families requiring more than three bedrooms.

End Homelessness Winnipeg is working with its partners to create these types of housing for Winnipeggers. Your gift has helped open 26 units at Thunderbird House in the city’s downtown and we’re working toward a transitional hub for seniors and people exiting homelessness.

Creating a circle of support

Having a home is the first step to healing—but having a circle of support means walking alongside Winnipeggers as they continue on their healing journey.

With your gift, you’re making sure those who have experienced homelessness have the best chance to succeed once they’ve moved into a permanent home. Your generosity will wrap a circle of loving support around these Winnipeggers and help secure a solid foundation to transform their lives.

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