Let’s work together to fight hunger and its root causes—because no Winnipegger should worry about not getting enough to eat.


Let’s work together to fight hunger and its root causes—because no Winnipegger should worry about not getting enough to eat.

Just imagine the painful feeling of watching your child leave for school with an empty belly.

Or the stress of being forced to choose between food or rent. Or the frustration of living two bus rides away from fresh fruit and vegetables.

Right now, far too many people in our community struggle with getting enough nutritious food—a constant source of physical and mental stress.

Record-breaking food inflation is driving more families to food banks. Up to 15% of Winnipeggers live in food deserts where healthy foods are hard to access, contributing to diet-related diseases like diabetes. Hunger is a top reason Manitobans call our 211 helpline.

Let’s work united to make sure no Winnipegger goes to bed hungry.

The reality in Winnipeg

Food bank

usage in Winnipeg has doubled since 2019


of Manitoba children under 18 live in homes where there isn’t enough to eat

Nearly 85,000

inner city Winnipeggers live in severe food deserts, where convenience stores and fast food are the closest options

How we’re transforming lives

Affordable and healthy food is a basic human right. It strengthens physical and mental health, improves cognitive development in kids, staves off illness, and builds connection. 

Your gift makes a REAL difference, helping people meet their most basic needs so they can move forward with addressing other life challenges.

With your help, more kids can go to school with full tummies, so they’re ready to learn. More lonely seniors can get healthy meals dropped off at their house, so they won’t go hungry. More unsheltered Winnipeggers can eat warm meals made with love.

But we can’t stop there. By working together, we’re also addressing the root causes of hunger and innovating long-term solutions, so Winnipeggers can move from survival to self-sufficiency.

Healthy food in schools

Kids focus better and have more energy to thrive when their bellies are full.

To help fuel kids for learning and success, our donors make sure healthy breakfast and lunch programs are nourishing young Winnipeggers from Monday to Friday, so they can be their very best.

Feeding Winnipeggers in homelessness

When every day is a struggle for survival, meeting your most basic needs—like food—takes all day, leaving little time or energy for anything else.

That’s why our agency partners meet people right where they’re at, bringing warm, nutritious meals to bus shelters and encampments for unsheltered Winnipeggers. It’s a gift of dignity that creates friendship, builds trust, and offers connection to community resources.

Nutritious snacks and meals for kids

When kids don’t have to worry about going hungry, they improve concentration, school attendance and performance, self-esteem, behaviour, and lifelong healthy habits.

At dozens of youth-serving agencies, young Winnipeggers can enjoy healthy snacks and meals after school, on weekends, and during the summer, so they can grow strong and reach for their potential.

Family resource centres

Healthy, nourishing food is part of a larger circle of wraparound support that Winnipeggers can count on at 24 family resource centres.

Here, neighbours can come together for hearty meals and take home healthy groceries. Newcomers can make friends and preserve their cultures at cooking and nutrition classes. Families can grow their own produce at community gardens or buy low-cost fruit and veggies, leaving more money for other essentials like clothes or rent.

Financial empowerment

It’s tough to put food on the table when you don’t have a steady source of income.

That’s why donors like you equip Winnipeggers with the tools to find and maintain a job so they can feed healthy food to their families, become financially self-sufficient, and thrive for the long-term.

24/7 helpline

With 211 Manitoba, help navigating community services is available 24/7—from anywhere in the province.

From emergency food to grocery delivery services, help finding food and other resources you need is only a phone call away when you dial 2-1-1.

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