Youth Success

Setting up young Winnipeggers for a lifetime of success sparks a more vibrant future for our entire community.

Youth Success

Setting up young Winnipeggers for a lifetime of success sparks a more vibrant future for our entire community.

When kids miss out on the support they need, the consequences can be lifelong—and felt for generations.

Youth in our poorest neighbourhoods are more likely to drop out of school and stay trapped in the cycle of poverty. Being in care can set up kids for a lifetime of challenges, like homelessness. Kids who don’t get the mental health support they need are more likely to cope by using substances, getting entangled in crime, or even ending their life. 

Let’s disrupt that trajectory. Together, we can make sure young Winnipeggers have a safe place to go, the tools to succeed, and mentors to guide them.

The reality in Winnipeg


has the highest rate of child poverty out of all the provinces


is the leading cause of death for Manitoba kids age 10-17

Less than 60%

of kids in our poorest neighbourhoods are entering school ready to learn


kids were hospitalized for their mental health in 2020

About 90%

of kids in care in Manitoba are Indigenous

How we’re transforming lives

When you give, kids grow. Their minds grow with homework clubs and summer learning camps. Their bodies grow strong with healthy breakfast programs. And their sense of confidence and belonging grows with meaningful social and cultural connections.

It all starts with the right support. And the right support starts with generous Winnipeggers like you, helping youth reach for brighter futures.

Your gift supports:

youth-serving agencies across our city

counselling and crisis intervention programs

out-of-school and summer programs

leadership and mentoring programs

mental health youth hubs

Ready for school, ready for life

The building blocks for success begin with a child’s early years.

Your generosity gives kids their best beginnings through early childhood care, development, and education initiatives, so they can thrive at school and in life.

Out-of-school learning

Time spent outside school is as crucial to childhood development as time spent in the classroom.

That’s why your gift supports homework clubs, summer learning camps, and other activities to keep kids off the street and help them develop confidence, critical life skills, and a sense of belonging.

Inclusive spaces

Sometimes, all a child needs to thrive is a place to be themselves and someone who believes in them.

Kids can find all that and more at dozens of youth drop-in centres across our city, where nutritious meals, meaningful cultural connections, and the support of trusted adults are always within reach.

Game-changing mentorship

With the guidance of a mentor, kids are 75% more likely to graduate university.

With your gift, we can connect more kids with mentors to help them build confidence, avoid gangs, and make positive choices so they can stay safe and reach for their dreams.

Better mental health, better futures

No child should have to struggle alone.

From counselling to school-based workshops to crisis intervention services, we’re making sure kids can find the mental health services they need to heal and persevere for a happier, healthier future.

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