Make It Happen launches today on sunny Selkirk Avenue.

Winnipeg Wednesday—June 17 is all about Making It Happen.

Today we kicked off one of this city’s largest multi-project crowdfunding drives, at our agency partner North End Women’s Resource Centre on sunny Selkirk Avenue.

Make It Happen!

Buffalo Gals graced us with their voices and their drums, in front of the very couches they hope to replace with money raised by Make It Happen.

The 4-week Make It Happen drive encourages Winnipeggers to pitch in to make a difference in the lives of people who use family resource centres, by helping the centres acquire much needed items ranging from kids’ play equipment, to furniture, to sewing machines and computers.

Ayn getting ready for an interview with CTV.

Ayn getting ready for an interview with CTV.

Across Winnipeg, families turn to family resource centres for help every single day,” said Ayn Wilcox, Chair of United Way of Winnipeg’s 50th Anniversary Committee. “And these resource centres need things to keep going.

These are ordinary things that help make an extraordinary difference in the lives of thousands of Winnipeg kids and families – and they’re things that are difficult to get without each of us pitching in.”

Thanks to Winnipeggers donating to United Way’s annual campaign every year, we have a stable source of funding that we rely on to keep our doors open to the community,” said Cynthia Drebot, Executive Director of the North End Women’s Centre, one of 22 family resource centres supported by United Way. “But in centres like ours, we simply don’t have a lot of extra money for everyday things that need replacing.”

Cynthia Drebot at the NEWC.

Cynthia Drebot, Executive Director of the North End Women’s Resource Centre, speaking about the many women who come through her door every day—and what a welcoming place to sit means to them.

“We have a lot of women coming and going for programming and workshops, many of whom are escaping violence and abusive situations.

They come in seeking help and sit on couches that are 15 years old, which they sink into and literally can’t get out of. We need a welcoming, safe, supportive, comfortable and respectful environment, and furniture that is sturdy and durable. That’s what we hope to change with Make It Happen,” Drebot explained.

“Like United Way’s annual campaign, the wonderful thing about crowdfunding is that as individuals we can make a small donation and still have the power to make a big difference by combining our efforts,” said Ward Keith, VP of Business Development and Communications of Manitoba Public Insurance, the presenting sponsor of the Make it Happen drive.

“On June 17th we’re going to announce the results of our efforts. That’s only four weeks away, so encourage all Winnipeggers to be a part of helping to make these important projects happen today!”

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“We are inviting Winnipeggers to pause, recognize this milestone of 50 years of caring, and come together to celebrate Winnipeg and the even-better city we know it can be,” said Wilcox. “Through all the Winnipeg Wednesdays, we can show everyone across Canada just how proud, kind and compassionate Winnipeggers really are, and that every family matters.”

Huge thanks to presenting sponsor Manitoba Public Insurance; media sponsor CJOB and media launch hosts Dahlia Kurtz and Richard Cloutier; Buffalo gals for the music, and Cynthia for her story of how much she likes to sit in the circle made by NEWC’s couches.

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