Mentors make a big difference. Just ask Dr. #1.

Norm McLean—or should we say Dr. Norm McLean—graduated today from the Faculty of Medicine at U of M.

We couldn’t be more proud!

The University of Manitoba's School of Medicine graduating class of 2012.

And there go the hats! Photo courtesy of the University of Manitoba, um_medicine Twitter feed.

Mentored at United Way agency partner’s West Broadway Youth Outreach Homework Club program, Norm was the child of a single parent, growing up in a neighbourhood troubled by gangs, violence and drugs. He found West Broadway to be “a great influence in my life growing up and a great support to my mother as well. It was a positive influence in my athletics, my academics, and everything as I went through school.”

When he got too old for the after-school program, he joined West Broadway as a junior volunteer and became a role model himself for kids, teaching them the importance of getting good grades and staying in school.

Today that dedication paid off, as Norm graduated with the Class of 2012. He credits West Broadway co-director and mentor Ken Opaleke for much of his own success in school and life.

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