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Winnipeggers donate $22.8 million!

February 6, 2024


United Way Winnipeg donors break fundraising record and give $22.8 million in 2023 to help support and heal our city

Winnipeg continues to be one of the most generous cities in the country, donating a record-breaking $22.8 million to United Way Winnipeg in 2023 to maintain a critical network of supports and services during a time of crisis for our city’s most vulnerable.

At a dinner Wednesday night, United Way Winnipeg celebrated all those who contributed to the record-breaking effort—including about 600 local workplaces that ran fundraising campaigns over 2023, representing more than 20,000 individual donors.

“Because of the $22.8 million you raised this year and the engaging ways you inspired others to give, Winnipeggers will continue to be able to find the right supports at the right time,” said Michael Richardson, United Way Winnipeg’s President and CEO. “Every one of those supports is the beginning of a fresh start—a stepping stone on someone’s path to healing.”

Campaign Co-Chairs Kristie Pearson and Doug Pollard cheered on some agency partners in the room and reminded the crowd of the good those agencies will continue to be able to do in 2024 because of the millions raised.

“These are the front-line heroes that are continuously working in our community to help Winnipeggers get what they need and what they deserve,” said Pearson. “These folks have the backs of people in our community—the backs of people who need someone to have their back. It’s our role to have THEIR back, and that’s why we’re here tonight.”

Deputy Premier Uzoma Asagwara brought greetings on behalf of the province to the crowd of more than 700 volunteers, agency staff, and business leaders at the Winnipeg Convention Centre with a message of a shared vision for our city.

The United Way shows up and helps lead in our community, and helps leaders in our community, to build the most important things that we need, especially right now—and those things are hope, love for each other, and a fierce belief that we can make a difference in our province by working together,” they said.

Asagwara also shared part of their own story growing up as a “prairie kid” and the powerful circle of support made up of family, coaches, and neighbours who helped make it possible to find opportunities to thrive.

“I also think about the community centres, the after-school programs—many of which were actually supported by the United Way,” said Asagwara. “That kind of support was so important because it made me believe that people loved me; it made me believe that I mattered. “That care sent me the message that every single person deserves and needs to know: the world is a better place with them in it.”

100% of donations to United Way Winnipeg support a network of over 125 local agencies, programs, and services doing critical work for vulnerable people. Donations help in the areas of poverty, homelessness, children’s success in school, keeping families together, employment skills, mental health, disability supports, counselling, neighbourhood safety, and more—it’s a holistic, wrap-around group of services to empower Winnipeggers to heal and grow.


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