One AMAZING Night For Winnipeg.

The energy of a month of Winnipeg Wednesdays exploded in dancing, music, rain, rainbows, and a joyous celebration of our community on Wednesday, June 24—One Night For Winnipeg.

Hundreds of Winnipeggers braved a torrential rainstorm that quickly lifted with a beautiful rainbow to hear Winnipeg’s hottest bands and many hidden gems.

Sunset over the Forks at One Night For Winnipeg.

Hosts Rosanna Deerchild and Ace Burpee led the gathered community through a night of such unbelievably talented Winnipeggers—poets, dancers, singers, musicians.

Ace Burpee introducing Sweet Alibi.

The Premier recorded greetings, the Winnipeg Poetry Project delivered ideas, Graffiti Art Programming made a mural.

Kal Barteski script tattoos.

Musicians included The Treble, Sweet Alibi, The Lytics, The Noble Thiefs, The JD Edwards Band, Tiffany Ponce, Daniel Roy leading Drums United and Peaceful Village, and Mitch Dorge of the Crash Test Dummies.

The JD Edwards Band.

The JD Edwards Band blowing the doors off the show.

Hoop dancing knocking the crowd's socks off.

Hoop dancing knocking the crowd’s socks off.

The Treble.

The Treble backstage before the show.

JP Hoe onstage.

JP Hoe onstage.

The Lytics—performing on a broken foot!

The Lytics—performing on a broken foot!

Entertainment included Métis jiggers Ivan Flette Memorial Dancers, Inuit throat singers Nikki Komaksiutiksak, Aleatra Sammurtuk, and Chasity and Carmello Swan. Rose was there hoop dancing, and dancers from Summer Bear performed. The Winnipeg One Honour Choir accompanied JP Hoe.

The giant stage production was managed by Winnipeg’s own AMR Events Inc. Huge thanks to our volunteer Event Production Team for organizing this wonderful celebration. Thank you to Angie Bruce, Michelle Boivin, Kelly Watters, and Linda Nelson for your generous contribution of time and energy in planning One Night For Winnipeg.

Dancing and drumming at One Night For Winnipeg.

Dancing and drumming at One Night For Winnipeg.

It was an incredible mix of talent from every corner of our diverse, beautiful city. But what was really beautiful was the smiling faces in the huge crowd, there to share the feeling that a month of celebrating Winnipeg Wednesdays—and fifty years in this amazing community—has given us.

You’re truly amazing, Winnipeg! See more photos here.

The crowd enjoying One Night For Winnipeg.