Inspire your team. Drive innovation. Spark change.

Unlock your team’s potential to be a force for good with our Social Purpose Institute.

Inspire your team. Drive innovation. Spark change.

Unlock your team’s potential to be a force for good with our Social Purpose Institute.

“The Social Purpose Innovators program led us on an important journey to truly understand how our company can objectively impact society.”

-Michael R. Orloff, President of Broadview Networks

Winnipeg’s Social Purpose Institute

Imagine a world where companies go beyond a financial bottom line and are guided by the impact they want to make in our communities. That’s what our Social Purpose Institute is all about!

Together, we’re building a more purpose-driven economy in our city.

Why it matters

Social purpose companies do well by doing good—do good by doing well.

As our communities grapple with challenges like escalating inequality, systemic racism, and climate change, companies are seeking to create value that’s good for business AND good for our community.

Organizations that care draw in younger employees.

Nearly half of Gen Z choose employers based on the company’s values and ethics. [1]

Social purpose companies make employees feel satisfied and proud.

Canadians who feel their employers are highly committed to their community are nearly twice as likely to be satisfied with their job. [2]

Consumers are attracted by social purpose.

More than nine in 10 Millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause. [3]

How it works

United Way Winnipeg exists to strengthen our community—and we help companies unleash their desire to do the same.

Visionary leaders of small and medium-sized companies are uncovering their true meaning and mission through our Social Purpose Institute.

Businesses discover how to leverage their assets, resources, and influence to scale real change in the lives of Winnipeggers through our high-impact, cohort-based workshops:

  • Social Purpose 101
  • Engaging Employees in Your Social Purpose
  • Embedding Social Purpose in Your Company


By the end of the series, participating business leaders can further articulate, activate, and advance strategies to embed community impact into their day-to-day operations.

“Without a clear purpose anchoring your day-to-day and guiding your long-term strategy, you are walking in the dark. United Way Winnipeg’s SPI can help you find a light and motivate everyone on your team to feel like they are part of something bigger.

We loved the camaraderie and support provided by the SPI team as they help us clarify and hone in on the ‘why.’ With that ‘why’ clearly articulated, it’s much easier than ever to focus in on the ‘how.’”

– Michael Mikulak, Executive Director of Food and Beverage Manitoba

Thank you to our partners

Social purpose is the engine powering these organizations, which are contributing to a better community—and world.

Social purpose organizations are leading the way to a better future.

We’re equipping changemakers from all sectors and inspire action to create a stronger, healthier city for every Winnipegger.