Peg Basic Needs Survey: What’s a “community indicator”, anyway?

Peg is a system of community indicators for Winnipeg.Many Winnipeggers wonder if our city is getting stronger, if all our efforts towards change are making a difference.

Looking at the places where we experience progress helps us look forward to where we’re going and make course corrections if we’re not achieving results.

Peg is Winnipeg’s community indicator system for doing just that. Tracking information that helps us understand our well-being as a city, Peg takes available data and compiles it into useful, easy-to-understand graphs. This helps us to identify things we need to focus on, where we need to work together for a stronger city by showing changes to these statistics over time.

Peg is also unique in that it not only uses statistics and data but also stories to paint the picture of our wellbeing. We are the first community indicator system internationally to take this approach.

How should we track if basic needs are being met for Winnipeggers?

One of the areas Peg is tracking is basic needs – that can mean things like security, shelter, and food, as well as access to basic services. To help the researchers at Peg understand what Winnipeggers think are the most important aspects of basic needs, they’ve put together a very short survey.

Feel free to contribute by sharing the survey on Facebook and Twitter, lending your thoughts, or offering a story about what you think makes Winnipeg feel alive.

Your responses may help shape what indicators get measured over time, leading to better targeted, more effective social programs and community investments.

Want to contribute more to Peg? Take the 5-minute Peg Built Environment Survey!

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