Red Tables, a meal with a message.

The second Winnipeg Wednesday, Red Tables, embodied the core United Way idea that we must hear everyone’s voice so we can figure out our problems together—listening to new perspectives, dreaming up creative solutions, and drawing on everyone’s gifts.

The Red Table is a chance for people who don’t know each other—but who all have valuable perspectives & experiences—to share a meal and talk about their vision for the future of our community.

Red Table questions.

These are the 4 questions we asked Winnipeggers to think about.

We held a Red Table Luncheon and Secret Dinner, and groups across the city held their own versions of a Red Table.

See photos of the day on Facebook.

Hoping to go further than just inspiring renewed activism towards a stronger community, we also collected the ideas from each Red Table and are sorting through them—there’s so many great perspectives! This is the kind of real community input that guides United Way’s work.

Beyond the amazing conversations that happened at our Red Tables, we were delighted to see Winnipeggers take the idea and run with it. Ace Burpee hosted a Red Table at Marketburger, West Broadway Community Ministry held one at their drop-in, agency partners Ma Mawi and the YMCA-YWCA cohosted with community members, and a group of educators led by Brooklands Principal Rex Ferguson-Baird did a restaurant-crawl style event, answering a different question at each stop.

Thank you for celebrating this Winnipeg Wednesday with us, Winnipeg. We’re endlessly inspired by your ideas.

Thank you MTS for sponsoring the Red Table Luncheon. Thanks MTS Future First and PMC Insurance for sponsoring the Secret Dinner. Thanks to Shut Ur Pie Hole, Cornel Crème, Little Sister Coffee, Bronuts, Kal Barteski, The Christmas Light Guys, and Yes/Oui Productions for supporting the Secret Dinner.