Report Session 1: 46% of the way to goal!

Almost halfway there! The first of our four Campaign Report Sessions took place at the Delta Winnipeg’s Grand Ballroom, with a buffet breakfast and wise words on the incalculable value of young people from West Broadway Youth Outreach’s Ken Opaleke.

Ken Opaleke at Report Session 1.

Friday morning saw us celebrating our pacesetters, the workplaces who make their corporate gifts or run their workplace campaigns early, under the theme “All That Kids Can Be.”

Report Session 1 Guests

In that spirit, we left crayons on the paper tablecloths and asked guests to doodle their vision for the kind of Winnipeg they’d like to see for all the children in our community. Our friends never fail to impress us with their passion!

rs-1 rs-2 rs-3 rs-4 rs-5 rs-6 What kind of Winnipeg do you want for the children in our community?

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