2009 report shares Winnipeggers’ perspectives on poverty.

Poverty in Winnipeg remains a serious issue and concern. United Way Winnipeg‘s report, Poverty in Sight, has a wide range of definitions, thoughts and experiences from more than 2800 Winnipeggers.

We hope it inspires discussion about the impact poverty has on all our lives. In addition, we hope readers consider how Winnipeggers can address the issue individually and together as a community.

“We wanted to find out what Winnipeggers believe causes poverty, where it exists and who it affects,” said Regina Ramos-Urbano, 2009 Chair of the Urban Exchange working group at United Way Winnipeg.

“The responses were varied and it’s interesting to see how different people perceive this complex issue,” said Ramos-Urbano. “One thing is clear: poverty is an issue felt around the city—one that transcends neighbourhood, gender, age, income, education and culture.”

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