United Way wants your thoughts

By Laurie Mustard

Winnipeg Sun, Thursday February 28, 2008
Reproduced with permission.

What do you like most, and least, about living in Winnipeg?

A year and a half ago, United Way launched a new initiative, Urban Exchange, an advisory panel through which Winnipeggers and United Way talk regularly with each other to find solutions to problems that concern us most.

The advisory panel includes anyone who wants to visit MyCityMySay.ca or call the director of Urban Exchange at 477-5360 and answer some questions.

Almost 3,000 people contributed to the report released yesterday, which summarizes their responses to the first questionnaire, entitled “Exchange One: Getting Connected.”

The best things about living in Winnipeg?

“In an open-ended question, panellists mentioned ‘the people’ most often, followed by the fact Winnipeg is a small city with big city advantages.”

No surprise there.

Things they’d most like to change? Crime was highlighted more often than any other concern, with “infrastructure, Winnipeg’s downtown and poverty coming next on the list.”

Now if you’re sitting there saying, “Sure wish I could have added my voice to this report,” there’s good news: it’s not too late.

“Exchange One: Getting Connected” is still open, with new panellists (like you) seeing their responses in an updated report. So have at it via the info mentioned above.

Just what are they going to do with my opinions, you ask? Here’s the answer:

The thoughts and opinions participants share with United Way help inform community investment decisions and areas of focus. The summarized responses will be shared with leaders and decision-makers in Winnipeg who are interested in learning more about what people are concerned about; what they’re excited about; and where they feel our city is headed.”

Opportunity knocks, kids. Your call.