VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: help shine a light on poverty in Winnipeg.

The more we all come to understand the limitations poverty puts on people and families in Winnipeg, the harder we will all fight to see it end.

You can help your fellow Winnipeggers to empathize through experiencing a Living on the Edge Poverty Simulation—a unique experience United Way organizes to shine the light on what it’s like to live in poverty.

Samantha Procyshyn, one of our Campaign 2104 Sponsored Executives, volunteered at a Living on the Edge experience today with staff from Richardson International.

“The poverty simulation was very profound.

Participants quickly found that they had to stretch their resources and navigate through the various social agencies in order to take care of their families and survive each day.

Visiting the social agencies required use of one of the most important and limited resources we have; time.

With limited time and resources, participants were forced to prioritize their responsibilities and make difficult decisions that affect their family in order to survive each day.

With the emphasis of surviving each day, planning for the future dropped down on the priority list.

Through assuming the roles of  people in real life situations living through difficult circumstances, the poverty simulation helped to humanize poverty and make it more relatable by providing a glimpse of what 136,000 Manitobans experience every day.”

These experiences require a number of adult volunteers, and during our annual fall Campaign requests increase. We could use your help! It’s usually a 3.5 hour time commitment, which includes training.

You’ll play a role—literally—in helping others to understand and empathize with what so many Winnipeggers experience daily.

To volunteer your time, please call us at 204-477-5360, or email lote@unitedwaywinnipeg.mb.ca.

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