Volunteers needed for innovative poverty simulation


Living on the Edge: Taking a Look at PovertyAre you looking for a unique experience? Something that will help Winnipeggers understand the stresses that people living in poverty face? We are currently seeking volunteers for the “Living on the Edge: Taking a Look at Poverty” simulation.

Requiring just up to 4 hours per month, this opportunity is designed for individuals and groups who want to make a difference in our community – but who don’t have a lot of time. Even if you feel that you don’t know a lot about the issues that people face, you can play an important role in the Living on the Edge poverty simulation.

What is “Living on the Edge: Taking a Look at Poverty”?

Living on the Edge: Taking a Look at Poverty is a unique experience designed to provide a glimpse into what it might be like to live in a low-income family trying to survive from month to month. Participants are placed in family units, each with a story that describes their financial situation. The simulation is divided into four short “weeks”, simulating a month in total. Each week the family needs to perform day-to-day tasks, including sending their children to school (or childcare), getting to or finding work, paying bills, visiting social services or other community agencies, buying groceries, cashing their cheque at the bank and more. Following the simulation, participants debrief the experience and learn more about the role United Way Winnipeg is playing in addressing poverty.

What is the role of “Living on the Edge” Simulation Volunteers?

Volunteers are integral to the poverty simulation experience. As the participants go through the month, they are instructed to visit and utilize a number of community services and resources, such as the bank, the grocery store, the social service office, etc. We are currently recruiting volunteers to serve as the staffers of these different community services/resource offices. Volunteers act in these different roles and guide participants throughout the experience of the poverty simulation.

Volunteer requirements:

  • Available 1 – 2 times a month for 4 hours during the week during daytime hours
  • No preparation, previous knowledge or other experience needed

This is a great opportunity to help educate others on the realities of someone living in poverty while you develop and enhance your own interpersonal, leadership and communication skills.

To learn more, please call Hillary at 204-924-4264, or send her an email.


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