What IS a “Red Table,” anyway?

Our second 50th anniversary Winnipeg Wednesday is the “Red Table.” It’s a meal with a message, a chance to start a conversation that matters with old friends and new!

There are lots of ways to experience a Red Table. We’re hosting a popup Red Table Luncheon, GenNext is dining with Chef Ben Kramer, and kits are available to download if you want to have your own Red Table dinner party, barbecue, or pancake breakfast.

Youth United hold a Red Table lunch at their 2015 Day of Caring.

Youth United hold a Red Table lunch at their 2015 Day of Caring.

And what do you do at a Red Table?

Red Tables (red—for United Way!) are based on the concept of a Jeffersonian Dinner— communal meals Thomas Jefferson hosted at his home in Monticello 200 years ago.

Mr. Jefferson would gather the leading minds of his day around a dinner table, pose a single question on a theme that sparked all of their interest, and listened to what each had to say. The resulting conversations have been described as “scintillating!”

We’ll be doing the same this Winnipeg Wednesday, and hope to hear ideas from all corners of the community.

Need ideas for your Red Table dinner party? Check out these pins!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the questions our guests will be “kicking” around (with or without red nails)! If you can’t make it for lunch, tweet us your ideas for a better Winnipeg with the hashtag #WpgWed.

Red Table Luncheon questions, and a visual hint about the top secret popup location!