Your donation helps your neighbours, friends & family when they need it most.

Every day we’re working to make Winnipeg a better place for everyone who lives here.

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A better Winnipeg together!

For a community to be great, it has to be great for everyone. United Way Winnipeg is a way for us all to work together; a city-wide web of local agency partners, all levels of government, special partnerships, caring workplaces, and thousands of donors and volunteers. United, we help our fellow Winnipeggers when they need help most, and make Winnipeg a better place for everyone who lives here.

United, we are there for one another.

Together we help thousands of people in Winnipeg every day, through hundreds of interconnected programs & services in 3 areas.

Support. Hope. Opportunity. A Better Winnipeg.

One person at time, one family at a time, we invest in, build up, and share in a strong, resilient, hopeful Winnipeg.

Together, we tackle tough challenges in Winnipeg.

How do we do it? By creating stability through the community fund, researching to better understand the issues in our community, relying on the skills & insights of volunteers, funding & partnering with the most effective local organizations who create real opportunities, and measuring the results.

Creating Stability

All giving is good, but donations to Winnipeg’s community fund are like gold: providing critical stability, levelling the field for agencies big and small, nurturing and streamlining the sector, and ultimately making more holistic fundamental change possible in our community.


We work to understand the diverse challenges facing all Winnipeg neighbourhoods. By using data, analysis & program results to inform decision making, we can collectively build a strong, healthy, safe community for everyone.


We draw on the vast expertise available in our community and make sure the right people, organizations & skills are brought together to help Winnipeg’s most vulnerable.


We inspire & empower the community to support local programs that respond to key issues or crises. We—and hundreds of volunteers—make sure donor dollars are invested where they’re needed most & where they will do the most good.


Volunteer-led panels evaluate and make recommendations to fund programs that create measurable, lasting change in Winnipeg. Then they work with agency partners to evaluate the results, so they can deliver even more effective programs.

Capacity Building

Through education, evaluation and creating networks, we build up the strengths of Winnipeg’s nonprofit community, so it can better serve our city.

We’re there for each other, all over Winnipeg.

Together we forge unique partnerships, filling unmet needs & making Winnipeg’s network of social services even more connected and effective.

211 Manitoba is a searchable directory that helps people find the right health and social service. Created in partnership with Volunteer Manitoba, it is part of a national network of 211s.

Peg is an award-winning community indicators system that measures changes in Winnipeg—everything from how much water we use to how many of our kids graduate high school. Tracking how well our community is doing helps inspire change by letting us know where our efforts will make a difference.

Winnipeg Poverty Reduction Council (WPRC) brings together leaders from all sectors—business, government, health, community organizations and more—to address complex social issues and improve the overall health our community through poverty reduction.

The first floor of our 580 Main offices hosts a nonprofit Learning Centre where we offer a series of low-cost courses to make Winnipeg’s charitable sector more effective.

Social purpose groups who need co-working space can rent a place in our collaborative Innovation Centre. Besides taking a place in the heart of a bustling social purpose hub, you’ll have access to a range of office amenities and meeting spaces.

United Way’s Koats for Kids is a program that collects, cleans, and distributes thousands of pieces of winter gear to children in Winnipeg. Between September –  January, people can donate new & gently used gear, and order it through their daycare, school, or community agency.

Community agencies are there to help, all across our city.

Every 2 minutes, a Winnipegger uses a program or service we make possible together. See this map for all the places your kindness and generosity is changing lives in Winnipeg. You can also see a list of agency partners.

Poverty to Possibility      All That Kids Can Be     Healthy People, Strong Communities     Neighbourhood Family Centres

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