When we all pull together, we’re #PullingForThePeg.

City buses. Fire trucks. Hercs. Boeing 727s. If it’s big and heavy, you can bet a fierce team of fundraisers or volunteers is pulling it this month for United Way.

Why so many heavy objects slowly-but-surely inching forward by comparatively diminutive (except in terms of commitment!) groups?

It’s a metaphor.

When we work together towards a goal, when we pool our resources, when we call on each other’s strengths, when we act collectively, we can move mountains.

Or at least heavy machinery.

And together, with the energy and ideas of thousands of volunteers, and the resources of thousands of donors, we can affect real change right here in Winnipeg. We can move people from poverty to possibility, help kids be all they can be, and build strong neighbourhood ties throughout our community.

Manitoba Trucking Association Truck Pull

They grunted. They groaned. And they pulled the big rigs in Polo Park’s generously-loaned parking lot to raise $6000 for the community in the 5th Annual Truck Pull. That’s almost double last year! Congrats to Bison Transport for stealing the title from 2013 winners Dr. Hook Towing.

Blazing Bisons win the 5th Annual MTA Truck Pull for United Way!

Winning team the Blazing Bisons, of Bison Transport, with a turbo time of 15.13 seconds.

MTA Truck Pull for United Way.

Looks heavy, doesn’t it? Photo by Sean Ledwich.

Tri-Government Bus Pull

In a really warm warm-up for their own campaign kickoffs, City, Province & Federal employees in Winnipeg pulled buses for United Way awareness at the Leg.

Tri-government bus pull for United Way. Photo by Sean Ledwich. 17 Wing Herc Pull

The Royal Canadian Airforce’s 17 Wing Winnipeg kicked off their campaign pulling a Hercules aircraft. We suspect this home field advantage and muscle-building practice helps propel the team to the heights they often achieve, winning our competitive pull in 2012 and placing in the top 3 other years. 😉

17 Wing kicks off their United Way Campaign pulling a Hercules.

17 Wing kicks off their United Way Campaign pulling a Hercules. Photo by Tessa Blaikie.

City of Winnipeg Fire Engine Pull

42,000lb fire engines will be dragged around the Exchange by City employees come September 25 as they kick off their multi-charity campaign.

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