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Bringing teams together, even when they’re apart.

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There’s never been a more important time to unite.

Team-building fun, inspiration-sparking experiences, pulling together for a better world: workplace campaigns are a powerful way to unite employees around a common cause. Join the hundreds of organizations from across Winnipeg changing lives right here in our community.

Why run a workplace campaign?

Workplace campaigns engage employees in the community while building a sense of belonging within your organization.

Every year, hundreds of workplaces in Winnipeg run their own United Way Winnipeg employee giving campaigns. These campaigns inspire donors to support our community’s most vulnerable people by raising millions of dollars.

Workplace campaigns bring employee teams closer together, with fun & meaningful events, creative team-building, leadership development and a chance to learn more about the city we live in.

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  • Enhance workplace morale, pride, team building and employee loyalty
  • Strengthen your organization’s profile as an active community leader
  • Provide an opportunity for your employees to get involved and give back to their community
  • Develop a company culture of helping others and changing lives

What can United Way Winnipeg offer you?

Employee Volunteer Engagement

We offer a range of inspiration, educational and volunteer opportunities that will make your staff feel more connected to our community.

Our employee activities have been modified to provide safe social distancing for your staff.

Hands-on volunteer opportunities that benefit our network of agencies and their clients—right in your workplace, if you choose!

A facilitated group activity that demonstrates the power of poverty, neglect and other adverse childhood experiences to shape a child’s development.

A guided group experience that simulates the frustrations and hard choices of life in poverty, with a goal of building empathy and understanding.

A chance to help agencies across Winnipeg by collecting items they need, like hygiene supplies, baby food, or winter gear.

Discover what your employees care about and what kind of volunteer opportunities appeal to them.

Leadership Development

Volunteering is one of the most meaningful and impactful ways to support the development of new executives and emerging leaders.

United Way Winnipeg’s customized year-round programs are designed to an organization’s needs, and encourage volunteerism.

Want to really push past comfort zones? Consider loaning one of your go-getters to our Sponsored Executive program.

More about Sponsored Executives

How to get started

It’s as easy as getting in touch with one of our campaign specialists. These experts help hundreds of companies run workplace campaigns every year & can support you and your organization as you look to launch a campaign.

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