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A message from 2012 Campaign Chair Doug Finkbeiner

2012 United Way Campaign Chair Doug FinkbeinerWinnipeggers understand all about teamwork. Together, we’ve made a lot of things possible that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. In 2011, we raised $19.7 million for our community through United Way.

As Chair of United Way’s 2012 fundraising campaign, I’m really looking forward to building on this momentum by enhancing relationships with our existing supporters and inviting more Winnipeggers to discover how good it feels to do good through United Way.

I’ve been involved for many years now and I don’t think there’s an organization that gives as much back to the community in the very broad way that United Way does. I believe the more people who hear the stories and meet Winnipeggers whose lives have changed and who are in turn changing other lives, the more people will become committed to what we are trying to accomplish. If you care about the community, you should be enthusiastic about United Way.

I have a sense that some people may see us achieving our fundraising goals every year and feel perhaps we’re doing fine without their help. On the contrary, we need everyone to do what they can; to stay committed and continue to give so we can do more than simply change lives – we can change systems that affect all our lives. Together, we can find permanent, sustainable solutions to our city’s most challenging social issues.

GET READY to inspire and be inspired, and to journey alongside Winnipeggers who are building better lives for themselves, their families and our entire community as a result of our work together through United Way. I encourage you to visit often for updates and stories that will brighten your day and make you feel proud to be a Winnipegger. You can also join United Way’s Facebook family or follow us on Twitter.

Winnipeg, we know all it takes to get something done is to do it together. So let’s do it!

Doug Finkbeiner
2012 Campaign Chair
United Way of Winnipeg

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