Winnipeg musicians give back at #GiveYourGifts

James Struthers and emcee Ace Burpee

On a cold night with exams looming, hundreds of Winnipeg’s youth came out to hear music, dance, and get inspired to give back to their community at the first ever #GiveYourGifts concert. Some lined up over an hour before the doors opened to hear Dane Bjornson, James Struthers, The Treble, and Take Me To The Pilot play.

#GiveYourGifts was the dream of local musician James Struthers, who wanted to inspire people with an experience that was more than just a concert. In the weeks leading up to the show, every band that played spent time in the community volunteering with a United Way agency partner, and encouraged everyone in the community to think about how they could give back in their own way.

“It’s been an amazingly rewarding experience to work with these people and now to see it all pay off,” said James. “Really, I’m just one of very many people involved in the event, and everyone really came together. We really hope it leaves an impact on the community, and everyone who came out – now it’s up to them to decide to take up the torch.”

A very excited Joanna – a longtime volunteer for agency partner West Broadway Youth Outreach – gets her guitar

His favourite moment of the night? Giving away a guitar along with emcee Ace Burpee to #GiveYourGifts winner Joanna Titch.

Thank to all the of the bands who came out and played, to presenting sponsor MTS, and to James for inspiring so many young people right here in Winnipeg!



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