Winnipeggers can always be counted on to Make It Happen!

Our 3rd Winnipeg Wednesday—June days celebrating 50 years in our community—honoured the strength of Winnipeg families. We ran an experimental crowdfunding campaign called “Make It Happen,” with a range of projects for family resource centres in Winnipeg.

United Way’s annual investment in our agency partners provides consistent, dependable money that they can factor into their yearly budgets. This lets them plan ahead and keeps the lights on.

But agencies also have needs for specific things, like a wheelchair-accessible ramp, new furniture or a fence that can improve or increase the services they offer. It’s a wishlist that often has to take a back burner.

At the South Winnipeg Family Information Centre, for instance, they see hundreds of people through their doors for classes—and this was their fridge.

The very small, vintage fridge at South Winnipeg Family Information Centre.

The very small, vintage fridge at South Winnipeg Family Information Centre.

They asked for $1500 for a full-size fridge, and were delighted to find their project fully funded on Winnipeg Wednesday.

“This will give our resource centre the capacity to offer nutrition learning programs,” said Tricia Robinson at SWFIC—a big upgrade for centre visitors!

Volunteers answer the phones at Make It Happen.

Volunteer 50th Anniversary Steering Committee Chair Ayn Wilcox takes a phone donation at Make It Happen. Thanks to our sponsors Manitoba Public Insurance and 680 CJOB.

Generous Winnipeggers gave over $30,000. We’re grateful as always for the donations and kind words we received.

“It’s just so important that United Way is here,” said a donor over the phone, as they gave $100 towards improvements at family resource centres.

Family and women’s resource centres throughout the city are meeting places that offer a safe space for a range of services, from counselling and education to community meals and children’s programs. Very basic needs like a phone, computer or washing machine are also available. They’re an important part of the safety net that prevents homelessness, guides people out of poverty with new skills and opportunities, and connects new friends to forge strong neighbourhoods.

Thank you for understanding the value in strengthening and supporting families, Winnipeg!

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