Working together: the Business Council of Manitoba’s bold support for Early Childhood Development.

United Way is guided by the simple but profound belief that we are stronger and can have greater impact together than we ever could alone.

We’re committed to partnerships that work to find innovative solutions to the underlying causes of Winnipeg’s most pressing issues. It’s only in bringing everyone to the table that we can affect real change in our city.

That’s why we’re so excited to see the Business Council of Manitoba‘s 15 year strategic plan, with its focus on partnering to set and achieve early childhood development and school-readiness goals.

School readiness is an important factor in young people's success.Together with the Province of Manitoba, The JW McConnell Family Foundation, United Way and others, the Business Council is focusing on initiatives like the Early Childhood Development Innovation Fund that are the starting point on which to build future strategic and methodological breakthroughs in early childhood development.

The Council envisions at least 90% of Kindergarteners arriving with the basic skills that make them ready to learn by 2028. Today, 71% of children provincially, and only 55% of Aboriginal children and 49% of newcomer children are school-ready by age 5.

The Council’s vision and dedication is an important part of how together we can really move the needle on this vital issue. Our entire city and province stand to grow stronger and more prosperous when we address school readiness.

“(We can raise) the bar not just for Manitoba but for the entire country. Manitoba can be world-class in early childhood development.”

It’s exciting to be a part of Manitoba’s future, and to dream boldly of what that future might hold when we work together.

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