Workplace of the Week: Carbone Coal Fired Pizza warms up 700 little hands.

Carbone Coal Fired Pizza’s Joe Paletta & Benjamin Nasberg hoped to raise enough money at their two Carbone Pizza locations to buy 50 new youth-sized mitts for Winnipeg kids.

Carbone Coal Fired Pizza donates 350 pairs of mitts to Koats for Kids!

350 pairs later, they’ve been delighted with the warm response to their request for $5 donations from customers and staff to help pay for each pair.

“There’s something about Winnipeggers – we know how cold it gets and we want to help kids stay warm,” Paletta says.

All kinds of warm-hearted people got in on the $5 request. Downtown bartender Cam Craig bought a pair of mitts every single shift he worked in the month of January.

Cam Craig, generous bartender!

Cam Craig, generous bartender. Photos by Carbone Coal Fired Pizza.

Sean at Still Cove Wine donated 20 pairs, and Carbone’s friend Michael Nugent bought 100 pairs!Carbone Donation Wall



It took only a day and half to reach 200 pairs, because Winnipeggers just can’t resist lending a (warm) helping hand. All told Carbone Coal Fired Pizza was able to rustle up 350 pairs of new mitts from Richlu.


Mitts are always welcome at Koats for Kids, as children tend to lose them, rip them, and go through more than one pair in a season.

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