Workplace of the Week: Community spirit growing at Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Food’s United Way campaign is growing!

We’re profiling this enthusiastic company for their passion and their strong growth.

We talked to the good folks at Manitoba Harvest about how seriously they take giving back to their community. Just look at them; you can tell they’re serious.

Iron Man Selfies at Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Food’s kitchen taken over by Iron Man, ghouls & some sort of wizard…for United Way, of course!

United Way: Why is Manitoba Harvest so committed to giving back to Winnipeg?

 Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods: At Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods we believe in the “triple bottom line” approach – people, planet, and profits.

Giving back to our community in various ways is not just imperative to our corporate culture, it is an honour!

The community is so supportive of our company, giving back is a way to show our appreciation.

UW: Why did you choose United Way to give back to your community?

MHHF: We choose to support United Way because we share in the belief that we’re all connected and should be working together to educate, empower, and inspire action.

United Way’s focus on strengthening sustainable interdependent programs and addressing underlying causes really struck a chord with us.

Education is hugely important to us so seemed like a perfect it to partner with an organization that emphasizes building knowledge as a core strategy.


UW: How did you manage to get so many more of your staff participating in your United Way campaign this year?

MHHF: We’ve already exceeded our campaign goals—which is truly a sign of how generous and kind-hearted our team is.

The organizing committee included members from all departments to ensure the entire team was represented and helped towards widespread engagement. They did a fantastic job in making the campaign fun and inclusive.

One of the highlights was our wrap up Halloween costume party. The company generously brought in catered lunch while we played games and held a silent auction with all proceeds going to the United Way.


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