Workplace of the Week: HSC raises over $100,000 for a stronger community!

Health Sciences Centre has just finished a phenomenally successful “Give the Way You Want to Give” joint campaign, raising over $110,250—exceeding last year’s totals and still growing!

Starting with the lofty goal of raising $100,000, the HSC Your Charity at Work Campaign Team ran a joint campaign benefiting the Health Sciences Centre Foundation, Children’s Hospital Foundation and United Way.

HSC is a United Way Workplace of the Week!

The enthusiastic committee, co-chaired by Rilla Edwards and Darlene Young, started by hosting five canvasser training sessions, which included departmental “champions” and a 12-page newsletter helping inspire canvassers to educate their staff about the joint campaign.

“At HSC our primary focus is caring for our patients.  Many of our staff support United Way because we recognize that United Way agencies provide important resources that support the health , wellbeing and independence of  our patients and their families in  the community which reduces their need to come to us in crisis or may help them cope with the challenges after discharge from hospital.  As individuals, we also recognize that, like all citizens of Winnipeg, we ourselves often access and benefit from programs and services provided through United Way agencies.”

—Rilla Edwards, Co-Chair, Your Charity at Work, HSC

HSC is a United Way Workplace of the Week!

The campaign officially kicked-off September 15th with “Minute to Win It” games ranging from bedpan pong, stacking cups competition, shoelace race, and an Oreo cookie challenge that was as hilarious to watch for spectators as it was delicious to finish for participants.

Incentives for staff participating in the campaign included HSC hoodies, a day off with pay, and free parking or bus pass for six months, increasing participation by 11% this year. Amazing work!

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