Workplace of the Week: Manitoba Blue Cross cares about our community!

Over 80% of the staff at Manitoba Blue Cross gives to United Way. Blue really is “the colour of caring!”

Besides inspiring an amazing 80%+ of their coworkers to give, Employee Campaign Chairs Darryl Evans and LaToya Gibbons (along with many committed, presumably hungry Blue Cross staff volunteers) raised an amazing $80,000+.

Manitoba Blue Cross Cakes

And it was delicious! The whirlwind campaign included several cakes, employees covered in stickers, and a scrumptious Master Chef competition.

Manitoba Blue Cross.

Manitoba Blue Cross staff covered in stickers for United Way. Photo by @DarylEvans05 on Twitter.

Blue Cross Master Chef.

Huge thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make that happen. That means more Winnipeggers with the opportunity to access help when they need it. And that means a stronger community for us all.

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