You can make everyday magic happen. Yes, you!

All across the city, families turn to community resources to get the support they need when they’re working towards a better life.

A public phone, a washing machine, prenatal nutrition, after-school activities, used clothing depots…the list of simple services that make a huge difference in the lives of Winnipeg’s children and their parents might surprise you.

Perhaps you haven’t considered life without a phone. Occasionally without groceries. Or without a safe place to get away from rough times.

Make it Happen!

Gina and her daughter doing laundry at Andrews Street Family Centre.

What is a Family Resource Centre?

Family Resource Centres are at the heart of communities all across Winnipeg. They offer that welcoming spot that a lot of people are missing. That snack. That basketball hoop. That phone.

Once people are in the door, they meet their neighbours and begin to make friends, make connections. A supportive local community takes shape.

With basic needs taken care of, people can look to self-improvement like nutrition classes, healthy baby groups, adult literacy, English practice, counselling. Positive role models inspire and new friends celebrate successes together. It’s everyday magic.

How can you help make it happen?

One part of our 50th anniversary celebrations includes raising money to get these resource centres the things they need to make that everyday magic happen.

Donations to United Way’s regular annual campaign provide sustainable core funding that helps these centres operate—knowing the lights are staying on and how many staff they can employ, for instance, that help them plan ahead.

But capital improvements like new equipment can be harder for agencies to find funding for. That’s where you come in.

We’ve got 18 projects for you to pick from in our first-ever crowdfunding campaign. Small things that make a big difference. Big things that couldn’t happen without you.

Make it happen. We’ve only got 4 weeks! Results will be announced on Winnipeg Wednesday June 17.

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