Youth United challenge you to 50 not-so-random acts of positivity.

Youth United invited over 100 students from across the city to get to know other passionate young activists at this year’s Student Leadership Conference.

Youth United Student Leadership Conference.

Among the inspirations of the day was a list of ’50 Challenges’ (PDF)—fifty ideas celebrating everyday positivity, environmental responsibility, and public empathy.

Students at the Student Leadership Conference.

Students taking on Challenge #15: “Say hi to a student you don’t know yet.” Sounds small, right? But this simple act of openness can help connect us to our schools, our neighbours, and our communities.

Run a food drive. Put down your phone. Smile. Plant a tree. Share you seat on the bus. All small actions that make the day—or the future—better for other Winnipeggers.

50 Challenges to make Winnipeg a better community.

Young leaders learned about the Youth United Grant (PDF), up to $1000 awarded throughout the year to people under 25 connected to a school or nonprofit to fund projects that help children reach their potential, help young volunteers gain valuable skills, raise awareness of community issues, or solve problems in their neighbourhoods.

Why 50?

’50’ is a number much on our minds here at United Way of Winnipeg, because we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2015.

If you complete any of these 50 positive intentions, send us a photo or a video or share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Youth United would be excited to hear they are inspiring you to make our city a better place.

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