Trust & Accountability

As a passionate movement fueled by caring volunteers and donors, we’re committed to the highest standards of financial accountability and transparency.

We’re pleased to demonstrate our commitment to honesty, accuracy, and prudent use of precious resources by providing you with the following reports, policies, and charitable information.

How your gift shapes change

We know how important it is to you that your donation is stewarded with integrity and excellence.

That’s why we’re committed to providing you with our annual reports and audited financial statements, so you can trust every dollar you give is invested effectively in our community.

100% of your donation goes directly into our community

You can trust your entire gift gets right to work helping people in Winnipeg. How do we do it? It’s thanks to the Province of Manitoba, which provides a grant for fundraising and administration costs—so every dollar you give can do good work in our community!

Imagine Canada Standards Program

We’re accredited by the Imagine Canada Standards Program, meeting 73 nonprofit standards of excellence in board governance, financial accountability and transparency, fundraising, staff management & volunteer involvement.