Newcomer supports

Starting over in a new country is daunting. But life gets a little easier when caring neighbours like you lend a hand.

Newcomer supports

Starting over in a new country is daunting. But life gets a little easier when caring neighbours like you lend a hand.

Looking for a place to live. Navigating social customs. Finding community.

There’s a lot to learn when you’re new to Canada. It can feel overwhelming—especially if you’re fleeing danger or crisis.

Every person deserves support and belonging. Caring United Way Winnipeg donors make sure newcomers and refugees can find their feet and feel welcome as they start over.

The reality in Winnipeg


displaced Ukranians made Manitoba their home in 2022

Nearly a third

of newcomers who arrived in the last 5 years live in poverty

Over one-third

of recent immigrants lost their job at the start of the pandemic and have struggled to rebuild

How we’re transforming lives

No matter who you are or where you’re from, we are ALL Winnipeg.

Our network of agencies help newcomers find work, build community, and navigate life in their new country by making sure resettlement services and support are always there.


Resettlement services

Even in the best of times, newcomers must adapt to many challenges.

That’s why our donors support a network of organizations helping immigrant and refugee families access interpretation, language lessons, banking, benefits and credits, important documents like health cards, and more.


Everyone deserves a roof over their head and the comfort of community.

Our donors help provide safe, affordable, transitional housing for newcomer families from dozens of countries, where they can always find help and care in their own language.

Family resource centres

Raising a family isn’t easy. But it’s even more difficult when you’re new to the country and aren’t sure where to go for help.

Your generosity means support like emergency food, hygiene items, job training, and transportation are always within the reach at 24 family resource centres, nestled in neighbourhoods across our city.

Education & after-school programs

Every kid deserves the chance to succeed in school and in life.

We’re making sure newcomer youth can make friends, enjoy fun activities, and learn in culturally safe environments by offering education and after-school programs all across Winnipeg.

Community connections

We all want to feel a sense of inclusion and belonging.

Your gift makes sure newcomers can find exactly that—from volunteer opportunities and halal community meals and to peer support programs and home visits.

Employment & financial empowerment

Explaining your job skills to an employer can be challenging enough—let alone when English isn’t your first language.

Your gift connects job seekers with free employment services to help smooth their journey of resettlement.

Our donors also help newcomers in low-income situations achieve financial stability and self-sufficiency through supports like money management training and matched savings programs.

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