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Healthy People, Strong Communities

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Healthier families. Safer neighbourhoods. Connected communities. By working united, we can make our city a stronger, more inclusive place for everyone who lives here!

The challenge

Life is fragile, isn’t it? We might only be one loss, one hardship, one crisis away from needing the care of community.

That’s why our donors make sure support and resources are close to home for every Winnipegger. Because we all want a safety net when life get tough. We all want to trust our community is there for us in times of need.

With your help, more Winnipeggers can find the safety, inclusion, and well-being they deserve. Because when one of us flourishes, we all do!

The reality in Winnipeg

1 in 4

Canadians are struggling with mental health


Manitoba kids are in care. Nearly 90% are Indigenous


Winnipeggers don’t have a home


of Manitobans living with a disability are employed, compared to 80% of people who don’t have a disability

You can help strengthen our community

We all need each other. That isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of life.

With your help, we can build a community we’re proud to live in. A community where support is always there—no matter who you are, what you believe, or which neighbourhood you live in.

How are we helping?

Our donors break down barriers, create opportunities, and change lives by making services like these possible:

Neighbourhood family resource centres

Literacy and employment support

Inclusive programs for Winnipeggers living with disabilities

Resettlement services and support for newcomers and refugees

Counselling and wellness programs

Welcoming spaces for 2SLGBTQ+ Winnipeggers

Support for older adults

Health and rehabilitation services

Family resource centres

Strengthening families today impacts generations to come.

Your gift helps families get started on the path to better lives at dozens of family resource centres, nestled in neighbourhoods across the city. Together, we can help more families to stay together, more kids to start school ready to learn, and more families to live without poverty.

Healthy minds & hearts

Nobody should have to struggle alone.

That’s why our donors support more than 100 mental health, counselling, and wellness programs across our city, so Winnipeggers can find a safe place for help and healing.

Supporting older adults

Every Winnipegger deserves to live with dignity.

You can connect older adults with the support to reduce isolation, maintain independence, and stay healthy. From delivering meals to providing opportunities to build meaningful connections, our donors are making sure older Winnipeggers keep living life to the fullest.

Building equitable spaces

We all want the chance to succeed.

With your gift, more people living with physical or intellectual disabilities can find a community of support. More 2SLGBTQ+ Winnipeggers can find safe and caring spaces to thrive. More Indigenous and Black communities and People of Colour can participate fully and feel a sense of belonging in the city we all call “home.”

Welcoming newcomers & refugees

Starting over in a new country can be daunting.

That’s why our network of agencies offer resettlement services in dozens of languages to help newcomers navigate life in Canada, find work, and build community.

Indigenous collaboration

Working toward Truth and Reconciliation makes our whole community stronger.

Since 1965, our donors have invested in Indigenous-led agency partners. And today, we continue to walk alongside First Nations, Inuit, and Metis communities in a spirit of friendship, learning, and collaboration.

Strengthening the social sector

We help nonprofits work even smarter.

Our Learning Centre, located on the main floor of our office, is an incubator for new skills and ideas. By offering low-cost, high-quality workshops, we’re helping local nonprofits share knowledge, build capacity, and become even more effective in making our community a better place.

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