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Disability supports

Our city is stronger when each of us have opportunities to use our gifts. Let’s eliminate barriers, celebrate diversity, and shape a more inclusive future for all!

Disability supports

Our city is stronger when each of us have opportunities to use our gifts. Let’s eliminate barriers, celebrate diversity, and shape a more inclusive future for all!

We all deserve the chance to succeed, no matter our abilities or background.

But what if you can’t find a workplace with doorways wide enough for your mobility device? Or you struggle to keep up with schoolwork because of a learning disability? Or your mental health condition prevents you from accessing the very help you need to thrive?

Every Winnipegger matters—but we don’t all have access to the same opportunities to flourish. That’s why it’s so important we work together to break down barriers so every Winnipegger can shine brightly.

The reality in Winnipeg

1 in 6

Manitobans live with a disability. About 40% are unemployed.

1.6 million

Canadians with disabilities can't afford the aids, devices, or medications they need.


of youth with severe disabilities aren’t in school.

How we’re transforming lives

Respect. Kindness. Belonging. It’s what we all want—and deserve.

Let’s work together to make sure our neighbours with intellectual, psychiatric, learning, vision, hearing, and physical disabilities can live in a city we’re all proud of.

Your gift means Winnipeggers with disabilities can:

  • Be welcomed, heard, and valued
  • Foster good health and well-being
  • Improve quality of life through social connections
  • Find meaningful employment
  • Actively participate in our community
  • Enhance essential skills for daily life
  • Take ownership of decisions and goals
  • Be supported in accessing resources and systems


40% of Canadians living with a disability say companies fall short with their hiring practices.

Our donors aren’t okay with that. Together, we’re creating opportunities for disadvantaged Winnipeggers to build the lives they want by learning new skills and finding meaningful, long-term employment.

But it can’t end there. That’s why our donors also support stigma-busting community trainings and advocacy so our whole city can be a more fair, inclusive place to work and live.


Financial independence

When you have a disability, the cost of essentials like medical equipment and medications can be crushing.

From learning how to manage money and build assets to accessing benefits and filing taxes, people living with disabilities are becoming more financially self-sufficient because of your generosity.

Empowered learning

A learning disability affects more than school. It can make it difficult to read social cues, make plans, keep friends, or maintain a job.

That’s why your investment makes a whole world of difference. From reading programs to peer support groups to job preparedness, you’re cultivating safe environments where kids and adults with a learning disability can grow confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Independent living

Everyone deserves the dignity of making decisions about their own lives.

When a Winnipegger with a disability chooses to live independently, your gift makes sure they have the support they need—like housing referrals, transportation, home care, and more.

Recreation & leisure

Learning something new. Gaining confidence. Making friends. Building mental and physical strength. Participating in sports and recreation unlocks the fullness of life, doesn’t it?

Your gift helps athletes of all abilities access specialized equipment they couldn’t otherwise afford. It puts social outings and leisure activities within reach. It means Winnipeggers with disabilities can not only be active and engaged, but belong.

Rehabilitation & recovery services

Life can change in an instant. When it does, let’s make sure help is there.

When someone experiences a devastating event like a stroke or spinal cord injury, they can count on the care of our agency partners to help them move forward, whether it’s finding a speech therapist, a support group, or a rehabilitation counsellor.

Advocacy to spark lasting change

Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance. Equity is making sure everyone has safe ride home—no matter what that looks like or how far away they live.

Building a more equitable community means amplifying the voices of underrepresented Winnipeggers and co-creating solutions. It means working together to end stigma and dismantle discriminatory structures.

That’s the kind of work you’re part of when you give. You’re supporting agencies with long histories of fighting for systemic change, transforming our community from the inside out.

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