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We all go further when we work together

Connect and inspire your staff by volunteering

We all go further when we work together

Connect and inspire your staff by volunteering


We all want to make a difference in every aspect of our lives—including at work.

By partnering with us for your workplace volunteer efforts, your employees will create meaningful and lasting change for those in our city who need it most. We are here to help find purpose, inspire action, and create fulfilling experiences for your staff.

We have a range of rewarding and fun volunteer activities for you to elevate employee engagement, achieve your organizations, CSR goals, and connect your company to the community.

Is your team motivated by a specific social focus? We can also customize your volunteer involvement to address a distinct need.

By working together, we will change lives.

Day of Caring

What a difference you can make in a day. A Day of Caring pairs your employees with a community organization looking for volunteers to help complete a small project.

Paint a room, clean out a storage area…. Many hands make light work, and lending your hands frees up those on the front lines to continue doing what they do best. Projects vary throughout the year based on agency needs.

| 2-8 hours | In person or remote | 5-10 people | Free

Pop Up Day of Caring

Can’t leave your workplace? A Pop Up Day of Caring will work for you! Your staff volunteers can put together custom personal care kits, extreme weather kits, activity kits, or food hampers.

No one in our city deserves to struggle, and your team will help individuals and families who otherwise couldn’t afford these basic, yet essential, items.

| 1-2 hours | In person  | 5-25 people | $2,750

DIY Kits

Winnipeggers living on a low income can sometimes need a helping hand with the essentials.
You and your staff can help ease some financial pressure on individuals and families by assembling and donating personal care kits, activity kits, or family meal kits. We’ll give you a list of supplies, assembly instructions, and directions on how to donate completed kits to an agency partner in your community.

1-2 hours | Remote | Unlimited Participants  | $10-$20 per kit

Koats for Kids

Help keep kids warm in winter! Spend a few hours sorting coats, hats, mitts, and scarves at the Koats for Kids depot and you’ll make it easier for schools, daycares, and agencies to get gently-used winter outerwear into the hands (and onto the feet and heads!) of children who need them most.

Koats for Kids collects and distributes more than 6,000 winter coats, ski pants, and boots to Winnipeg families every year.

| 3 hours | September to January | 4 to 6 People | Free

Collection Drive

Put the power of your staff’s generosity into overdrive—with a workplace collection drive! By collecting donations of new and gently used clothing, school supplies, non-perishable food, and personal care items, your team will help ease the pressure on families who struggle to meet their basic needs.

We can coordinate a time for your volunteer team to deliver your collection to a United Way Winnipeg agency partner, who will make sure the items get to Winnipeggers as soon as possible. We can even arrange for a speaker to share about the need for these essential items in our community.

| 1-2 weeks | In person or remote | Unlimited participants | Free

Brain Architecture Game

What happens to us in life, particularly in the early years, can have long-term impacts—both positive and negative. The Brain Architecture Game is an innovative, hands-on opportunity for participants to learn how a child’s brain develops in response to life experiences. A great in-person or virtual activity for collaboration, experiential learning, and team building.

| 2.5 hours | In person or Virtual | 5 to 80 People | $250

Living on the Edge: Taking a Look at Poverty

United Way Winnipeg’s Living on the Edge: Taking a Look at Poverty is a unique, interactive group experience that provides a glimpse of what it might be like for Winnipeg families struggling with poverty. In this three-hour experiential session, 40-90 employees are provided with roles and scenarios that depict what it might be like to live in a low-income situation. A facilitated discussion concludes the session and explores how participants’ experience relates to current Winnipeg realities.

| 3 hours | In person | 40 to 90 People | $750

Make the Month - Coming Soon!

Make the Month is a digital poverty simulation that poses typical choices faced by people living in poverty. Participants are challenged to get to the end of the month facing a variety of life challenges while on a fixed, poverty-level budget. It can be done individually or in a facilitated group setting. Can you Make the Month?

| 1 hour | In person or Virtual | Unlimited Participants | Free

Natural Supports Simulation

An online interactive experience that helps participants develop their skills of being a mental health support to youth that may be experiencing mental health challenges. In a facilitated Natural Supports session, individuals will learn about the mental health landscape in our community, and will leave with a new understanding of the crucial role they play in the lives of children and youth.

| 1 hour | Virtual | Unlimited Participants | Free

Community Tours

There is no better way to grasp how your staff’s investment of time, dollars, and energy improves Winnipeggers’ lives than to see it in action. Take a facilitated walking tour with your volunteer workplace team and learn about agencies and organizations supported by United Way Winnipeg donors that are changing lives every day.

| 1 hour | In person | 5-10 people | Free

Agency Visits

Want to go even further and learn about the lives our donor-supported agencies are changing? Your employees can meet staff working on the front lines and learn about the incredible work happening in our community by taking part in an Agency Visit at one of United Way Winnipeg’s donor-supported agencies. 

| 30-60 minutes | In person or Virtual | Unlimited Participants | Free

Speakers Bureau

United Way Winnipeg’s Speakers Bureau features individuals whose lives have been impacted by a United Way Winnipeg agency or who are agency staff members. These community members can share about the impact made by your team or group. Invite a speaker to join your virtual or in-person campaign event.

| 10-20 minutes | In person or remote | Unlimited participants | Free

What's Next

Retiring can often leave people wondering, what’s next? Connect retiring members of your staff with our What’s Next program, which pairs retirees with opportunities that put their skills and experience to meaningful use in our community. What’s Next participants take part in a variety of exciting activities throughout the year to help strengthen our city.

| 10 minutes to 2 hours | Remote | Unlimited Participants | Free

Employee Surveys

Get a clear picture about how social purpose motivates your workplace volunteer team by sharing an Employee Survey. These surveys help you understand what aspects of our community your staff is most invested in so you can hone your volunteer and learning activities.

| Virtual | Unlimited participants | Free