Thousands of Winnipeggers support our community through United Way Winnipeg.

Donating is the easiest way to help the most people, right here in Winnipeg.

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Supporting United Way Winnipeg makes a real difference in our community

In all our work, there are people like you who get involved in big and small—but always significant—ways, building a better future for their family & our community.

Ways to give back & volunteer.

Every day United Way Winnipeg volunteers are giving back to Winnipeg.

We rely on the time & talents of volunteers for everything from fundraising to helping decide where to invest donations. We couldn’t do what we do without these kind of Winnipeg heroes.

Workplace campaigns are fun team-building opportunities .- United Way Winnipeg

Bring a United Way campaign to your workplace

Every year, hundreds of workplaces in Winnipeg run their own United Way employee giving campaigns. These campaigns inspire donors to support our community’s most vulnerable people by raising millions of dollars.

Workplace campaigns bring employee teams closer together, with fun & meaningful events, creative team-building, leadership development and a chance to learn more about the city we live in.

Workplace Campaigns
GenNext: moving forward, giving back. - United Way Winnipeg

Join GenNext

GenNext makes it easy for young employees to make a difference in our community. It’s a network of community builders whose passion for Winnipeg just can’t be contained, and a volunteer council that drives their fundraising & networking activities.

Want to join GenNext?
What's Next offers opportunities to stay connected to our community! - United Way Winnipeg

Join What’s Next

Retired (or almost!) and looking for ways to keep giving back? You’re looking for What’s Next; flexible and fun volunteer opportunities where your talents and experience can be celebrated.

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Hands-on volunteering at a United Way Winnipeg Day of Caring.

Volunteer at a Day of Caring

A United Way Day of Caring is a unique opportunity for employees to come together and make a difference in our community by taking part in meaningful, hands-on volunteer projects with local community organizations.

It’s a rewarding way to spend a day. Build awareness, teamwork and morale—with a day that always stays in your heart! Need more info?

Get involved!
Asper School of Business Team Toba at their annual Chillin' for Charity fundraiser. - United Way Winnipeg

Start your own fundraiser

Show you care about our community and raise money to make a difference! Create your own personalized fundraising campaign to support your United Way—from a concert to a cold swim, it’s fun to plan & share with family, friends & co-workers. Get started!

Plan your event
Volunteers sorting donated PJs for Winnipeg kids. - United Way Winnipeg

Host a collection drive

A connection to the community you & your co-workers will never forget! We’ll match your workplace with a United Way agency partner that needs items to better serve their clients, and your co-workers rally to bring in what they’d like to give. We can even arrange for you to deliver what you’ve collected to the agency, and see first-hand what a difference you’re making. Need more info?

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Youth United at a Day of Caring. - United Way Winnipeg

Youth helping youth: Youth United

Youth United is a volunteer council of passionate Winnipeg activists aged 16-24 who work to get other young Winnipeggers involved in our community.

What does Youth United do?
Sponsored executives - United Way Winnipeg

Loan staff or join us as a Sponsored Executive

Sponsored Executives are the extra people-power that make it possible to raise millions of dollars for our community. Loaning a Sponsored Executive for 14 weeks in the fall is a wonderful way to give back to our community, while developing your staff’s leadership potential.

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People experiencing a Living on the Edge poverty simulation. - United Way Winnipeg

Volunteer at a poverty simulation

We offer Living on the Edge poverty simulations to give people a new perspective on the difficult choices people experience when they live in poverty.

It takes dozens of volunteers, so if you’ve got 3 hours and an interest in building empathy, we’ll find a volunteer opportunity for you.

Volunteer at a Poverty Simulation

See Winnipeg in a whole new light.

We’ve designed some innovative experiences to open Winnipeggers’ eyes—and hearts—to the city around us.

Make the Month.

Make the Month is a digital poverty simulation that presents Winnipeggers with some of the same decisions people living in poverty face. This interactive experience shows the realities of surviving day-to-day, paycheque-to-paycheque and the impact it has on your overall well-being.

Try to Make the Month.

We offer facilitated Make the Month experiences to workplaces. If you’re interested, email us.

Living on the Edge.

Living on the Edge: Taking a Look at Poverty is a unique, in-person experience designed to provide a glimpse into what it might be like to live in a low-income family trying to survive from month to month. It’s a half-day commitment for groups of 40-80, and a powerful team-builder that’s guaranteed to provide a lifetime of perspective, tolerance, compassion and empathy.

Experience it.

Want to volunteer to help deliver the experience? Email us.

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