Frequently asked questions

Questions about United Way Winnipeg? Read on, and feel free to contact us any time.

You can give online—make a one-time gift or become a monthly donor. Your donation will help so many people, right here in Winnipeg, every single day!

You can give through your annual workplace fundraising campaign.

Call us at 204-477-UWAY if you’d like to give over the phone.

Cheques can be made out and mailed to:
United Way Winnipeg
580 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1C7

All of it. We spend 100% of every dollar of your donation helping people in Winnipeg. Special events and a grant from the Province of Manitoba pay for our fundraising and administration costs.

Yes. Your donation is invested in a network of local nonprofit agencies helping our fellow Winnipeggers when they need it most. Our agencies see thousands of visitors each year—that means every minute of every day, someone you may know is helped by your donation to United Way Winnipeg.

United Way Winnipeg is the best way to care for your whole community. Why?

Reach. With a single donation to United Way Winnipeg, you’re supporting 125+ agencies delivering hundreds of programs and services that help thousands of Winnipeg kids and families every day.

Balance. While you may have heard of the larger, more established social agencies in Winnipeg, many smaller nonprofits are doing important and innovative work—and they don’t have the fundraising firepower to fuel that work on their own. By levelling the playing field, United Way Winnipeg’s community fund gives these smaller agencies a chance to grow and reach more vulnerable Winnipeggers.

Stability. Besides government, United Way Winnipeg is the only organization that gives stable, multi-year funding to social service agencies. That lets them plan ahead, pay their staff, and focus less on fundraising and more on finding long-term solutions to Winnipeg’s most challenging social issues.

Value. Every dollar you donate to United Way Winnipeg’s annual campaign is invested directly in our community thanks to a long-standing partnership with the Province of Manitoba, which provides a grant to support fundraising and operating costs.

Volunteer oversight. Hundreds of Winnipeggers volunteer with United Way Winnipeg, guiding everything from fundraising to how we invest your donations. They even work with agency partners to make sure your money is doing the most good possible.

Together, we tackle tough challenges in Winnipeg. How do we do it? By creating stability through fundraising for a community fund, researching to better understand the issues in our community, relying on the skills and insights of volunteers, and by funding and partnering with the most effective local organizations that create real opportunities, and measuring the results.

Think of us as social investment advisors who can turn your donation into so much more.

We build up the ability of each agency partner to make an even bigger difference for the people who use their services. Teams of United Way Winnipeg volunteers meet with the agencies to share ideas about making their programs even better, so they can change (and sometimes save) more lives. They ask the questions you would ask if you had time.

We bring together some of Winnipeg’s brightest, most passionate people from all walks of life to gain wisdom from their insights and ideas.

We also run our own programs like Koats for Kids that fill the gaps for people who need a little help in our community.

We focus on improvements in poverty, children’s early years and healthy development, and strong communities. That might mean causes that work to end homelessness, money management skills for people who don’t have much money to work with, healthy snacks and a walking school bus to make sure kids are making it to school, Indigenous-led organizations, or local family resource centres where stressed parents can find help right in their neighbourhoods.

See our 125+ agency partners spread all across Winnipeg.

No. While we don’t disclose individual salaries for privacy reasons, the salary of our CEO is determined and approved by our volunteer Board of Trustees. Because we receive operational funding from the Province of Manitoba, staff salaries must fall within the normal range for the nonprofit industry. The highest-paid individuals’ salary ranges at Canadian nonprofits are listed on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

United Way Winnipeg is a local organization with ties to United Way Centraide Canada and United Way Worldwide, but the management of those organizations is completely independent of our operations.

Our audited financial statements are published annually on our website.

The best way to make a difference in Winnipeg is to donate to United Way Winnipeg. We put your money, together with thousands of other Winnipeggers’, in our community fund, giving sustainable funding to 125+ agencies and programs in Winnipeg. Your donation, pooled together with other Winnipeggers’, makes you a key part of the solution to so many issues in our city.

When you give to a charity, they’re grateful for the gift but don’t know when the next gift is coming along. That makes it difficult for charities to plan ahead. Charities need predictable, sustained funding. United Way Winnipeg gives over 125 partner agencies dependable operational funding.

When you give collectively through United Way Winnipeg’s community fund, you offer year-after-year support to these agencies. You make it possible for service providers on the front lines to worry less about where the next donation is coming from and focus on the critical job of being ready and available when people need help most.

From strategy to governance, fundraising to investing donations: United Way Winnipeg is led by volunteers.

Among our hundreds of volunteers, we have a volunteer Board of Trustees that guides our decisions; fundraising volunteers who allow us to raise millions cost effectively every year; finance volunteers who audit our spending and approve our budgets; community investment volunteers who steward and invest the millions raised; and agency liaison volunteers who work with the agencies to make sure your donation is making the biggest difference possible.

With all that community input, you can trust United Way Winnipeg is working hard to make our city stronger every day!

United Way Winnipeg invests 100% of your donation in programs that help Winnipeggers.

We look for agencies doing critical work for vulnerable people, and we help them grow stronger and better able to change lives in the neighbourhoods they serve.

Your donation helps in the areas of poverty, homelessness, children’s success in school, keeping families together, and building healthy communities. Employment skills, financial inclusion and education, after-school programs, mental health supports for young people, disability supports, mentorship, counselling, and neighbourhood safety—your donation funds a holistic, wraparound range of services that helps all Winnipeggers.

You can see our audited financial statement every year in our annual report.

Here’s a list of our agency partners. United Way Winnipeg agency partners work in the areas of poverty, homelessness, children’s success in school, keeping families together, and building healthy communities. Employment skills, financial inclusion and education, after-school programs, mental health supports for young people, disability supports, mentorship, counselling, and neighbourhood safety.

When you give to United Way Winnipeg, you’re giving to Winnipeg’s community fund!

Our community fund is made of all the donations we receive, pooled together. Every donation made to the community fund goes right into our local Winnipeg community to help people.

Giving together helps your donation go further. We can make large grants to our agency partners that are guaranteed for a number of years, so they can plan ahead and focus on delivering the services their community needs.

This smooths the ups and downs of annual giving decisions made by individuals and corporations, providing stability to the network of services.

United Way Winnipeg is very proud that absolutely no donations to the annual campaign were ever used for the cost of our building. United Way Winnipeg’s location at 580 Main Street was made possible thanks to the generous support of a small group of long-time, committed United Way Winnipeg supporters, all three levels of government, and the expertise of organizations such as CentreVenture and Cambrian Credit Union.

United Way Winnipeg’s Tomorrow Fund is an endowment fund. Endowment giving is a way for Winnipeggers to leave a lasting legacy to the community, such as by making a gift in their Will.

The Tomorrow Fund launched in 1990 in celebration of United Way Winnipeg’s 25th Anniversary.

Endowments are donations that are invested. The principal grows, providing for the future, while the interest helps our community today.

United Way Winnipeg is grateful for a Province of Manitoba grant that covers all fundraising and administration costs for funds raised for United Way Winnipeg. However, this grant does not cover the costs of fundraising and administration for donations made to other registered charities through the donor-designation service that United Way Winnipeg offers its donors.

Costs to United Way Winnipeg to process gifts for other charities include:

  • Credit card fees, which can be 3% of the gift
  • Staff costs for:
    • validating it is a Canadian registered charity and setting it up within our records
    • recording the donation, processing donor payments, issuing tax receipts
    • issuing payments (cheques or Electronic Funds Transfers) to the charities either once if the donor paid for the donation upfront, or up to four times a year if the donor is paying on a payment plan (such as payroll deduction or monthly credit card)
    • communicating with the charity to let them know who their donors are (with the donor’s permission)
  • Transaction fees for using software that provides a secure, payment card industry (PCI) compliant method for processing credit cards

United Way Winnipeg issues tax receipts for donations over $20. Tax receipts are mailed or emailed after December 31 of every year – and United Way Winnipeg often gets them out earlier than end of February – usually late January or early February.

For donations made through payroll deduction, your charitable giving will be included on your T4 slip.

Still have questions about United Way Winnipeg?