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Vulnerable seniors

Our senior population is larger than ever before—and growing. Let’s work together to help older Winnipeggers live healthy, connected, and vibrant lives.

Vulnerable seniors

Our senior population is larger than ever before—and growing. Let’s work together to help older Winnipeggers live healthy, connected, and vibrant lives.

Many of our city’s older residents are lonely, hungry, and can’t access the services they need.

It’s even harder when you face additional barriers, like living on a low income. Or you have a disability. Or you face stigma being part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community or a racialized group.

Your gift fuels a city-wide network of support, helping reduce isolation and making sure older Winnipeggers live with dignity, independence, and pride.

The reality in Winnipeg

By 2030

nearly 1 in 4 Canadians will be seniors.


is an epidemic among older adults, linked to higher mortality for people 65 and over.


is a serious problem. 63% of older Canadians say they’ve been treated unfairly because of their age.

Health care

for the average older adult is $12,000 annually, over 4x the cost for the rest of Canadians.

How we’re transforming lives

Older Winnipeggers contribute so much to our community.

They hold families together. They preserve sacred traditions, languages, and values. They’re generous charitable donors and faithfully give their time as volunteers.

United Way Winnipeg donors know the way we care for older adults matters. Their gifts support dozens of agencies and programs putting seniors at the centre so they can stay healthy and active for longer.

Striking out hunger

If you can’t afford groceries, how do you access a food bank when you’re unable to leave your home?

That’s an urgent gap our donors help fill. Together, we’re helping ease the burden of poverty by providing nutritious meals every week to hundreds of homebound citizens, delivered right to their doorstep.

Curbing loneliness

As we age, human connection becomes even more vital for our well-being and longevity.

That’s why donor-supported drop-in centres are so important. They’re welcoming, inclusive spaces where older Winnipeggers can make friends over a cup of coffee or meal, exercise class, or workshop, while getting help overcoming barriers.

Our donors bring support to seniors, too. Home visits and access to transportation are a few ways we’re helping older adults stay engaged in their community, which improves their overall health and life expectancy.

Mental health supports

Loss of health and loved ones. Diminished mobility and independence. Chronic illness and pain. So many factors put older adults at risk of mental illness and suicide.

From counselling to support groups to recreational activities, your gift connects older adults with specialized well-being services focused on aging.

By maintaining good mental health, seniors can be physically healthier with a better chance of staving off disease and dementia, stay in their homes longer, and participate more fully in society.

Tax filing and accessing benefits

You can help put money back in the pockets of seniors.

Giving united connects older Winnipeggers with free tax filing services. And when you’re living on a low income, accessing benefits and credits can make all the difference, leaving more money for essentials like medications and housing.

Access to technology

Technology has revolutionized our world. But it’s often left behind older adults, who have much to gain from joining the digital world.

Our donors support local agencies helping seniors access and learn how to use computers, internet, and other technology, so they can stay connected with loved ones and their culture.

Newcomer supports

From learning a new language to accessing health care, it can be overwhelming to start over in a new country.

That’s why our donors invest in an extensive network of organizations helping older immigrants and refugees find their feet, like navigating social customs, accessing legal documents, finding housing, and building a trusted support system.

Pathways to better wellness

We all deserve good health and well-beingat any stage of life.

Older Winnipeggers, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing, recovering from a stroke, or living with a disability, can count on our agency network for help.

With your gift, you’re enhancing seniors’ quality of life with supports like medication delivery, home care referrals, and transportation to medical appointments.

Your generosity also makes palliative services possible, extending care and companionship to dying Winnipeggers, as well as compassionate support to caregivers and bereaved families.

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