Labour and United Way Winnipeg

Stronger Together

Labour and United Way Winnipeg are partners in social change. For almost 60 years, we have joined to fight for a brighter future for everyone.

United Way Winnipeg administrative staff are proud members of UNIFOR and CUPE.


Labour, employers, and United Way Winnipeg share a passion for this community. We all want to make sure our community thrives and every Winnipegger has access to the services and programs they need. For all of us, building healthy and prosperous communities is job number one.

Stronger Together Workplace Campaigns

Stronger Together fundraising campaigns help increase employee engagement and campaign participation, while working to strengthen trust among workers, union leadership, and employers.

By working together to run a Stronger Together Campaign in your workplace—one that involves joint support and endorsement from both management and unions—you can help strengthen our community and improve lives.

Our Shared History

More than 100 years ago, Labour activists stood courageously for our city’s workers during the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike. This passionate movement and the turbulent times that followed led to the need for a united charitable appeal—and the founding of what today is United Way Winnipeg.

10 Basic Principles

Union members are, first and foremost, citizens of our community. These 10 basic principles outline the reasons Labour is involved in the work of United Way Winnipeg, with shared values to support everyone who lives here.

Solidarity Across the Country

In 2012, the Canadian Labour Congress and United Way Centraide Canada signed a national partnership agreement with common vision of healthy, diverse, and inclusive communities. Unions support social justice by mobilizing around workplace issues, such as conditions, and wages, and benefits, to improve the lives of workers and their families. 

Celebrating Community Service

The Art Coulter Labour Community Service Award is awarded every year by United Way Winnipeg to a brother or sister making a difference in our city through volunteerism, education, and activism.

We’re here for you

As part of Labour’s responsibility to the community, we’re here for you. Whatever struggle you may be facing—family stresses, mental health challenges, financial pressures, and more—there’s a United Way Winnipeg donor-supported agency ready to help.

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Our Labour Director reinforces awareness of Labour’s commitment to critical social issues through their relationship with United Way Winnipeg. Connect with our Labour Director to find out more about how you can get involved or run a fundraising event with your union!