Day of Caring

What a difference a day can make

A Day of Caring is a direct and meaningful way to experience your involvement in action—to see first-hand the impact you and your staff can make as community volunteers.

Front-line agencies are focused first on taking care of people. But there are often other jobs to be done, too. When volunteers like you lend a hand and help organizations complete maintenance and small repair projects, it frees up more time for agency workers to devote to critical programs and services.

How does Day of Caring work?

We pair your team of workplace volunteers with a United Way Winnipeg agency partner looking for help to complete a small project.

Projects vary throughout the year and range from a few hours to a full day (some larger projects may span a few days). We foster these partnerships with both the agency’s needs and your staff’s priorities and schedule in mind.

We plan about four weeks in advance and usually require between five and 20 volunteers.

What kinds of projects?

Your team can help with any kind of project where an organization needs some extra hands!
This includes:

Cleaning, organizing supplies, or painting.

Landscaping or preparing a community garden.

Building or repairing shelving, benches, or a fence.

Special event support (e.g., community barbeque).

Why participate?

It's meaningful.

Contributing to your community is a fulfilling and worthwhile experience.

It's hands-on.

A day of volunteering at a local organization is a tangible and active way to make a difference.

It's informative.

Learning about our city’s biggest challenges and how we can find solutions together helps us all to keep working toward a Winnipeg where everyone is valued.

How can my workplace sign up?

Reach out today! 

We’ll match your volunteer workplace team with an agency currently looking for help on a project.