Workplace fundraising campaigns

Working together changes lives

Every year, hundreds of workplaces across our city unite around a common goal of helping Winnipeggers by participating in United Way Winnipeg workplace giving campaigns. And you can, too!

Through team building experiences, fun activities, meaningful learning opportunities, and inspirational action, these campaigns inspire donors to help our community’s most vulnerable people change their lives.

Why run a workplace campaign?

Workplace campaigns engage employees in the community while building a sense of social purpose within your organization.

Workplace giving campaigns:

strengthen your organization’s profile as an active community leader.

provide an opportunity for your employees to get involved and give back to their community.

enhance morale, pride, team building, and employee loyalty.

develop a company culture of helping others and changing lives.

What can United Way Winnipeg offer you?

Hands-on experiences

We offer a range of inspiration, educational, volunteer and paid opportunities to make your staff feel more connected to our community, such as:

Leadership development

Volunteering is one of the most meaningful and impactful ways to support the development of new executives and emerging leaders. United Way Winnipeg’s customized year-round programs are designed to meet an organization’s needs and encourage volunteerism among staff.

Our Leadership Development Program brings together employees, on loan from employers like you, to United Way Winnipeg’s office for 16 weeks to become Sponsored Executives.

Sponsored Executives bring energy and people power to organizing hundreds of United Way Winnipeg’s workplace campaigns across the city. With their professional talents and passion for making a difference, Sponsored Executives are a key component of our annual campaign and one of the ways we can fundraise so cost-effectively.

Want to run a workplace campaign?

Reach out today to one of our campaign specialists. These experts will support you and your organization as you launch your own campaign!