Labour’s partnership with United Way Winnipeg

United Way Winnipeg administrative staff are proud members of UNIFOR and CUPE.

United in caring

United Way and Labour have been partners for more than 50 years

The partnership developed around a common interest: ensuring that workers and their families have access to social services in their community.

United Way Winnipeg is proud to have been created by a joint effort of the Winnipeg and District Labour Council (now the Winnipeg Labour Council) and the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

Many workplaces than run fundraising campaigns are unionized. But the partnership goes deeper than just financial support.

Labour representatives volunteer with United Way Winnipeg as members of our Board of Trustees, our Campaign Cabinet Labour Engagement division, and as part of the CLC United Way Labour Community Advocates Program. United Way Winnipeg also has a Labour Director who works to connect to and reinforce awareness of Labour’s work in supporting critical social services through our annual fundraising campaign.

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Our impact together

Unions are an important force for democracy, not just in the workplace, but beyond.

Here in Canada, we have a strong social safety net to catch us when we need help. That’s due in part to the strength of the Labour movements and its unions.

Labour further strengthens the safety net by working together with United Way Winnipeg to support a network of over 100 agency partners and programs.

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A national partnership

In 2012, the Canadian Labour Congress and United Way Centraide Canada signed a partnership agreement. We share a common vision of prosperous, inclusive, diverse and respectful communities.

Supporting those communities is a range of accessible social and public services of the highest quality—the kind you make possible when you support United Way Winnipeg.

We work together to motivate people to care about the root causes of social injustice, to influence public attitudes and policies, and to build people’s ability to deal with whatever comes their way, as a community.

National Partnership Agreement

How Labour helped create United Way Winnipeg

Did you know the turbulent times surrounding the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike and the passionate Labour activists of the day eventually led to the founding of United Way Winnipeg?

1919 Winnipeg General Strike

10 Basic Principles

Guiding Labour’s partnership with the United Way movement

Union members are first and foremost citizens of their community, and they believe they have a responsibility to their community in making it a good place in which to live, work and raise children.

Our national partnership has outlined ten basic ideas that guide Labour’s participation in United Way’s work to build stronger communities.

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Resources for union members

Whether you need help in your personal life, from family counselling to mental health, or in your financial life, from strike support to food banks, there is a United Way Winnipeg donor-supported agency or service to help you!

Art Coulter Labour Community Service Award

United Way Winnipeg presents the Art Coulter Labour Community Service Award annually to highlight Sisters and Brothers who have made outstanding contributions to the community through United Way.

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